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Hello Sunshine!

This time of the year always reminds me of my favorite trips and makes me a bit nostalgic for France. In honor of my favorite travels im creating a post with my summer inspirations



Style lab video

I found this video that interviews my mentor Raul Melgoza and features some of the students in style lab. This is a great way to show just how much he helped us this year and what happened behind the scenes. Enjoy!

Its finally finished!!!

I can’t believe that I can really say I am finished with my collection! Over the weekend our fashion family loaded up a bus with our garments and models and drove to Savannah for the jury show. The jury show is what decides if you make it into the fashion show, but more importantly it is a way for students to show their work to leading people in the fashion industry. We each presented our collection and process book to a group of jurors which allowed us to show off the details and construction of our garments. One of the most exciting moments of the trip was runway show that took place later that night. For all of us it was the first time seeing our clothes on the runway and it was absolutely the best feeling in the world!!! I’m so proud of all my friend and can’t believe  all the beautiful clothes that were made this year! The fashion show is coming up this weekend so make sure you stream it online!



The Neiman Marcus Gala

I’m so excited to finally share the pictures and stories from the Neiman Marcus Gala in this long overdue post.  It was a fabulous night full of mini deserts and Zac Posen dresses and I was so happy to have my mom and friends with me at the event. They transformed the upstairs of Neiman’s into a runway that walked all the way around the floor. The fashion show followed and was an amazing chance to sit front row and see designer looks up close. Christian, Azede, and myself  were honored with the Emerging Talent awards by Actress Jasmine Guy and got the chance to display our work in the Neiman Marcus window! It was an exciting night and an amazing opportunity so here are some pictures of the great celebration! Also here is a link to a write-up about the event and some more great photos.

2/3 of the way done with senior year and I have samples!

I can’t believe that my winter quarter is already over but I can say I am happy for spring break! This has by far been the most work I have ever done but it was s000o worth it to see all my samples on the models! We spent the whole quarter making samples of each piece. Samples are supposed to be fully finished just like the final garment with zippers, lining, buttons, and hems. The fabric is not the same as my final but is a similar weight. Once I was finally finished, (which was hours before) we all got ready for an extra long style lab critique with Raul! Raul was super great and helpful as usual and was able to look at every little detail regarding fit, fabric, shape, and silhouette. I have a lot of small changes and tailoring to but they will still take a long time and have to be perfect. I have been having a hard time getting my sequin print to be as bright and contrasting as the real sequins so that is something im working on over break. I’m going to be working with a local athletic company who has a heat transfer fabric printer, so hopefully they can help me get it right! The next step is making the final looks with the final fabric! I cant wait to see it all come together in the final fabrics and I cant wait to be finished!!!!!!!! one more quarter of college! Here are 5 of the looks on the models in sample fabric so not all of the colors or prints are right but you can get the feel of the collection.

Here is one of the looks that has the real sequins next to the print sequins. the lapel on the left is real while the right side is all print.  See how it’s just not reading right? I’ve had it sent out and have tried some of my own ways and I just can’t get it dark enough. The last case scenario that we discussed was just making both lapels sequins if the print is not right which I think would still look great! Other than that im very happy with how the looks are turning out!

The NBAF Scholarship!!!

I have some very exciting news!!! I was lucky enough to be chosen as a scholarship recipient for the National Black Arts Scholarship! The amazing organization hosts a competition each year, and chooses 3 winners to receive $3000 and the chance to show your winning outfit in the window at the Lenox Mall Neiman Marcus! Each entry had to submit one look that you made and present it to a panel of judges. I chose the outfit that I recently posted pictures of. (the striped top with pencil skirt) I also showed them the fabric inspiration book that goes along with the look that I originally created for the CFDA scholarship. The NBAF hosts a huge fundraising gala in March at Neimans which is when we will receive our awards and get to see the Neiman spring preview fashion show. I am SOOO excited and thankful for this amazing opportunity!!! Here is a picture of me and my model Lauren just before going in front of the panel and the inspirations for the collection!

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NYC Fashion Week Fall 2012: The Print Revival

I am loving all the print and pattern being shown by designers this week! This powering trend that showed up for spring has proved that it’s not going anywhere, and may help add some cheery color to next years cold days. There are designers who always wow us with their prints, such as Libertine, but designers who normally have a more solid color palette, like Altuzarra, embraced the print and ended up being one of my favorite shows so far. I would like to give some inspirational credit to rising designer Mary Katrantzou, for pushing prints back into the spotlight, as she was last seasons favorite to watch. But, no matter where you trace the orgins of the print revival, my inner textile-junkie is beyond happy. Im also glad my crazy print collection seems to be right on track!





Christian Cota

                                     Calla                                                                        Jill Stuart



Past Work

My amazing friend Julie Sharpe did a fun fashion shoot this weekend and was nice enough to shoot an outfit im entering for the NBAF scholarship competition. She is brilliant so check out more of her work at her website!